Monthly Meeting

Our monthly meetings are held at 8:00 A. M. 

on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

The American Inn in North Kansas City

1211 Armour Rd,

North Kansas City, MO 64116


Visitors are welcome.

 Meeting Reminder ~

 Saturday, March 14  - 8:00 a.m.
It's meeting time!

“Impressioning Keys to Pin Tumbler Locks"

By Charles Wooters

Impressioning is the process of creating a working key for a cylinder through the use of modifying a key blank in accordance with indications obtained from the cylinder.  At no point is the cylinder disassembled or the tumblers visually decoded.  This is a skill which can only be developed through a diligent practice routine, one’s own technique and knowledge of what to look for.  This skill is useful in the event that picking a lock is not practical or in instances where a lock cannot be nondestructively disassembled.  It took me several years to learn impressioning and this was only done through a practice routine where I incrementally introduced new variables at different stages.  This allowed me to better understand and grasp the concepts surrounding impressioning.


Attendees who wish to participate in the hands-on portion of this presentation should bring any impressioning equipment that they have including magnifiers, #2 or #4 Swiss pattern files, griping tools (vise grips are acceptable) and any other items they find helps them impression a key.  Attendees are also encouraged to bring a vise or some other means of holding a cylinder.  Key blanks will be provided as well as practice lock cylinders.”